Youthful Complexion In Just A Few Steps

Youthful Complexion In Just A Few Steps

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We get it. Aging is tough.Youthful Complexion In Just A Few Steps

From age spots to ever-growing facial lines, our bodies go through many changes as the years go by, and it will often show on the face.

Fortunately, advancements in makeup and skin care have given women everywhere a second chance at youthful, glowing skin.

The following tips will help you feel comfortable in your own skin by seemingly turning back the hands of time. Here’s how:

Go Light On The Foundation

 Many women will try to hide imperfections with a heavy foundation, but they do not realize that this only wears down the skin and makes it look even older. Stick to a light foundation with nourishing properties that will only cover what you need.

Jerome Alexander’s Magic Minerals provides just the right amount of coverage with the help of color correctors and vitamins.

Be Wary of Bold Lip Colors

 Be sure to stray away from lip colors that are too matte or too shiny.

You can still have fun with bright and fun colors, but be sure to mind texture before applying

 Utilize the Correct Eye Liner

 Liquid eyeliners tend to bleed, emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles.

For eyes that shine without the risk of bleeding makeup, be sure to use eyeliner that will give a soft yet lasting impression.

Fill in Your Brows To Frame Your Face

 Your brows are one of the most critical components of any makeup look.

Be sure to fill in your brows to a medium finish using a lightly tinted eye gel to outline the eyes and give color and depth to the face and eyes.

Add a Pinch Of Bronzer for a Year Round Tan

 The color of your skin tends to fade in winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a glowing complexion during colder months.

Be sure to utilize a bronzer for a fresh tan year-round. One great way to ensure proper coverage is to mix a bronzer that compliments your complexion with your favorite moisturizer. Set with a powder and you’re all set!

Once you have mastered these easy to follow techniques, learn how to make tired eyes shine in just a few easy steps.