Turn Up The Heat! Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips You Need To Know

Turn Up The Heat! Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips You Need To Know

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Just because temperatures are reaching up to 120 degrees in some places doesn’t mean your makeup can’t beat the heat!

Stay cool for the summer with these essential dog days of summer makeup tips just when you need it the most.


It All Starts With Your Primer

When your makeup has a solid base to adhere too, your look is good to go no matter what your summer days have in store for you.

Before applying any makeup, use a silicone based primer generously on the entire face to help your foundations and pigments adhere to the skin. (Our Liquid Silk Primer is just what you need for only $22.99!)



Maximize Your Coverage With Waterproof Foundation

 From floating in crystal blue pools to working up a sweat dancing the night away with friends, your skin’s best friend this summer is going to be moisture, and that’s a good thing!

Keep your complexion looking flawless throughout the day (and night) by making use of waterproof makeup that can take a beating!

Our Skin Perfection Studio Stick comes in four shades for maximum yet natural coverage.



Setting Is Key

 After you’ve gone through all the trouble of creating your favorite look, it would be a shame to have it sweat off after just a few hours.

Be sure to lock in your look and keep it looking fresh throughout the day by setting your face with a mineralized powder.

The right powder should not only leave your skin looking flawless by creating a “blurred” effect, but will also help to cut down on moisture.

Keep the shine coming from the sun and not from your face! (Magic Minerals does just the trick. Click here for a 60-day money back guarantee.)


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