Top Tips To Avoid Cakey Looking Foundation For Any Skin Complexion

Top Tips To Avoid Cakey Looking Foundation For Any Skin Complexion

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Drop that powder foundation! Top Tips To Avoid Cakey Looking Foundation For Any Skin Complexion

Nothing can ruin a perfectly executed makeup look more than cakey and powdery looking foundation or setting powder.

Most, if not all us, rely on foundation or setting powder to keep our skin shine free while hiding imperfections throughout the day, but are you sure you really understand the best way to apply your favorite product to achieve the best results?

Here is everything you need to know for a poreless and flawless look without the aging, cakey side effects.


Choose The Right Powder For Your Skin Tone

 Everyone’s skin is different. Foundations and setting powders are meant to keep your complexion fresh throughout the day, regardless of skin type.

For amazing results, loose and translucent powder foundations work best to illuminate and smooth the skin without adding harsh colors or extra chemicals that can be found in heavier, liquid foundations.

Our Magic Minerals Foundation contains four colors correctors and is fragrance and talc-free for long lasting coverage that conforms to any and every skin type.


Application Makes All The Difference

 Powder foundations are powerful tools when used correctly.

These makeup essentials are not meant to be overly applied until your facial color does not match your natural tones.

Use the right tools such as a powder brush that will evenly apply powder with every swipe of your hand, as opposed to foundation brushes that have thicker bristles.

All powders should be patted on lightly with easy strokes. The less, the better!


Skip The Eye Cream

You’d be surprised how much power your favorite powder foundation will have over eye concealing creams when it comes to dark circles and tired eyes.

A great tip for brightening the eye area is to gently dust on powder foundation using a flat concealer brush while gently pressing around the inner corners around the eye.

When it comes to makeup, you can never know enough!

Follow along each week for more great tips for women of any skill set to keep your complexion looking its best year round!