Top Summer Makeup Trends

Top Summer Makeup Trends For Every Makeup Lover

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The days have grown longer, and the sun is always shining which only means one thing- summer is right around the corner!

Since makeup trends seem to change as fast as the seasons, here is a breakdown of the top trending summer beauty tips just in time for that perfect sun-kissed glow. Top Summer Makeup Trends

Go Easy On The Powder

When it comes to coverage this summer, less is more.

Dewy, fresh looking skin is in, and overly saturated, heavy makeup is out.

One of the first steps to achieving a glowing, healthy complexion is to use a skin nourishing makeup primer. Jerome Alexander’s Liquid Silk Primer is perfect for creating a healthy glow while keeping makeup in place throughout the day.

Highlighting Is In

Another great way to achieve the perfect dewy look that is in trend this season is by highlighting your best features.

The best way to maximize your facial features while achieving a “strobing” effect is to pay special attention to the chin, nose, bridge and forehead.

 When used correctly, shimmering highlights can take the place of heavy contouring in one easy step.

Draw Attention To The Eyes

Never underestimate the power of a subtle smokey eye.

For a lighter look that still brings depth, apply black liner to the eyes with a pencil, then, use a brush of your choice to fan out the liner for a perfect, light smokey look. This easy to apply smokey look is great for either daytime glam or a night out on the town!

Open The Eyes With A Bottom Liner Only Look

While this isn’t one of the newest tricks in the book, it is definitely a classic!

Apply liner only to the bottom lash line for a bold look that brings intensity to the eyes for a brighter complexion.

Finally, our last two tips are simple: Don’t forget the sunscreen and remember to have fun!

Makeup and beauty trends come and go, so just remember to have fun with your looks and be yourself because no one else can do that better!

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Happy blending!