Top 5 Concealer Tips to Help You Create a Flawless Face

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One of the most prominent staples in anyone’s makeup collection remains the concealer. For most women, it’s too much of a lifesaver for us to go without it for very long. Think about it—how many times have you relied on concealer to hide your tired eyes or an unexpected blemish?


To ensure you’re getting the best results from your concealer, we compiled 5 tips to help you create a flawless face.


Apply Concealer Second

If it is applied before the foundation, you will wipe away some of the concealer from your face while completing your makeup, making it harder to achieve your desired coverage. Trying putting on foundation first, and then concealer on spots that need a little extra help. You’ll use less concealer this way because you’ll notice you won’t need to pile it on after using a base foundation.


Create Long-lasting Eyeshadow

If you’ve run out of primer, concealer works just as well. Set your eyelids with concealer to prevent your eyeshadow from slipping into your creases. It creates a much more polished look and helps your eyeshadow stay put throughout the day.


Use a Triangle Shape

Rather than using concealer in a horizontal swipe across your under eye area, draw a triangle instead. The long side of the triangle should be under your eye and draw the point down toward your cheek to illuminate that area. This technique helps to cover dark circles and gives you a temporary face-lift.


Create Plumper Lips

No need for a lip plumper. Add concealer to the center of your lips and blend it out with your fingers. Then finish it off with lip-gloss, which will add to the illusion of plumper lips.


Reduce Puffy Eyes

Concealer, highlighter and moisturizer make for a great elixir to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. Start with moisturizer to smooth the area and let it sink in. Conceal the dark, puffy areas, and then highlight your cheekbones and browbones to make them pop. The combination will illuminate your eye area so no one will ever know you were short on sleep the night before.


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