The Twenty Vital Do’s and Don'ts of Makeup

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Makeup is a dynamic art form, one centered on expression and the personality of the individual. Each woman has the power to create her own unique image that best reflects her natural beauty, an empowering and confidence boosting exercise. However, while color palettes and trends may evolve, certain makeup techniques will always hold true. Whether it’s a technique to create a desired effect or a simple skincare element that you should commit to habit, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 dos and don’ts of makeup that are as timeless as the classic red lip.


  1. Don’t put on makeup without a base of moisturizer or your makeup will streak, cake, or look orange.


  1. Do apply foundation to the face with fingers and blend well with a sponge.


  1. Don’t stop foundation at the chin line; you will be left with a telltale line where foundation ends and your natural coloring begins, giving you a masklike appearance.


  1. Do blend, contour, and highlight correctly! For a litmus test: only a shadow should remain where you place your contour.


  1. Don’t use one shade of eyeshadow for your entire eyelid. One color is not enough to show off the concave and convex areas of the eye.


  1. Do use two blushers- a lighter version for your cheekbones, and a darker version (or bronzer) for the hollows of your cheeks.


  1. Don’t use a thick, dark line when lining the upper lid; it will look hard, dark, and artificial. Instead, gently smudge product to produce a softer, more natural look.


  1. Do use a light blue or white pencil to line the lower waterline of the eye! This makes eye appear larger, more awake, and the whites of your eyes look whiter.


  1. Don’t hold the mascara wand horizontally. To coat each lash and make every one count, hold the wand upright and work back and forth across the lashes.


  1. Do separate the lashes by combing them with a spoolie or eyebrow brush. This will prevent clumping and give you fanned out, pretty lashes.


  1. Don’t over-tweeze brows! Years of excessive tweezing can leave you with sparse brows that are difficult to grow back.


  1. Do use an ice cube to gently numb eyebrow area before tweezing; no more tears or puffiness!


  1. 13. Don’t draw on eyebrows with one, thick pencil stroke. Fill patchy brows using a neutral brown shadow to cover sparse areas. For nearly nonexistent eyebrows, use a nylon-tipped eyebrow brush and create soft, feathery strokes in the same shade as your natural hair color.


  1. Do outline the lips with a lip pencil. Extra wax in lip pencil keep lipstick from “bleeding” around your mouth, and can make lips look fuller.


  1. Don’t use contrasting lipliner and lipstick. They can be slightly different shades, but shouldn’t stray too far from the base color.


  1. Do set your makeup with translucent powder for daytime and translucent iridescent powder for nighttime.


  1. Don’t remove makeup with a tissue; they are ineffective at removing anything that’s formulated to be long-lasting or waterproof. Plus, the wood fibers will irritate your skin.


  1. Do always keep brushes and tools clean. Clean brushes by washing with gentle shampoos or specialty cleaning solutions to keep breakouts at bay and your brushes looking better for longer.


  1. Don’t wait for a special occasion to try a new makeup look. Practice makes perfect, and sometimes, the first try can be disappointing!