The Top 3 Makeup Trends That Have Made a Comeback From the 2000s

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The early 2000s are back, baby! We’re only two months into 2018 and we’re already seeing some pretty familiar beauty trends from the previous decade. From runway fashion to street style, it’s obvious that makeup artists and beauty bloggers are reminiscing about a time when shimmer and color were hip and happening. (It’s still okay to say that right?) The beauty industry certainly found a major groove once the 2000s hit, with their acceptance of bold, beautiful colors and bright hues. It was an exciting time to experiment with makeup, so we’re certainly not sorry to see it make a comeback.

Let’s take a closer look at the four of the latest makeup trends inspired by the good—but not so old—days:


Lip-gloss has officially made a comeback. Sure, some people are still holding on to the matte trend, but lip-gloss is back on top. We missed the versatility of lip-gloss. It’s there for us on late mornings when all we have time for is mascara and gloss. It comes in handy when you need an effortless look for the gym. And it’s perfect for a night out when you need your lipstick to really pop.

Rosy Cheeks

Contour and highlight took all the shine from blush in the last few years. We were more focused on chiseled, structured cheekbones than a rosy outlook. Now we’re glad to see blush coming back into the limelight. And who says you have to ditch your contour? Adding a touch of color to your cheeks can really compliment your contour and liven up your entire look.

Color Shadow

Thanks to Kim K., colored eyeshadow was quickly canceled out for all things nude over the past few years. But like we said, the 2000s were all about color and we’re seeing makeup artists and beauty bloggers start to get comfortable with vibrant lids again. We’re not saying you need to go crazy with metallic blue. But pinks, peaches, and bronzy oranges are the perfect shades for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Just remember one of Jerome’s favorite rules, blend to your heart’s content; it gives you a much more natural look


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