The Makeup Tutorial That Will Get You Through Wedding Season
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The Makeup Tutorial That Will Get You Through Wedding Season

4th of October 2019

Bells are ringing, floral arrangements are blooming, and somewhere in the world a bride is throwing a bouquet in the air, which means wedding season is in full swing. Finding THE perfect dress for every occasion can be hard enough, let’s take makeup off your stress list. This soft, yet captivating makeup look is customizable for any dress you choose.

Whether you’re walking arm in arm with a groomsman or heading down the aisle to your groom, your natural beauty will radiate from within and give you a glow like no other.

Step 1: Apply Primer and Foundation

Starting with a freshly washed a moisturized face, lay a smooth foundation for the rest of your makeup to glide on with ease and stay put during the festivities. Our MagicMinerals AirBrush Foundation Kit provides all you need to keep your skin flawless all day and all night. Plus, the light, breathable formula won’t stop you from breaking it down on the dance floor. Start by applying our LiquidSilk Air Primer directly on your kabuki brush and work the product into your face. Then lightly spray your foundation onto the brush and blend into our skin. The AirBrush Foundation is buildable, so if you need additional coverage, just repeat the last step.

Step 2: Conceal

Draw a downward triangle under your eyes with your concealer. Lightly fill it in and blend it out to brighten up your under eye area and help you appear more alert if you wake up with a strong need for caffeine. Now you can go to battle with any stubborn blemishes or marks by gently pressing concealer onto to that specific area and blending in. Remember you have primer protecting your skin, so you don’t have to be afraid of a little coverage.

Step 3: Create the Eyes

Before dressing up your eyes, take care of your brows with Jerome’s 5-minute tutorial for the best results. Using a light neutral color, coat the base of your eye, stopping just below your lash line. Then choose a light golden shade and apply it horizontally over that base, starting from your inner tear ducts and stopping in the center on your lids. Don’t forget to blend. Using a slightly darker shade or a color of your choice, start applying in the center on your lid until you reach your outer lash line, work that shade into the crease of your lids, just below your brow line for a slight contour. Blend any sharp lines out. Apply a subtle, wing liner and your mascara, and your eyes are complete.

Step 4: Contour and Highlight

Contour just under your cheekbones, the two sides of your forehead just below your hairline the sides of your jawline, and the sides of your nose. Blend to create natural definition and structure. Using your chose highlight shade, lightly highlight just along the arch of your brows on the center of your chin, the tip and bridge of your nose, and directly on your cheekbones.

Step 5: Final Touches

Give your makeup added protection and keep everything in place by adding powder. Then depending on your dress style and color, add gloss or lipstick for the grand finale.

Prep your skin for endless weddings and events this season, with our healthy skincare routine.

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