The Easiest Elegant Makeup Tutorial for a Valentine’s Day Date

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Can you feel it? Love is in the air!


Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you’re not going to want to wait until the night of to start planning your look. You don’t want to be that person who makes your date wait an hour because you can’t decide between red pumps or black, do you?


We have a simple yet elegant makeup look that will get you out from in front of the mirror in 30 minutes or less. Sorry to break it to you, but that doesn’t count selfie time.

Step 1: Apply Your Foundation

After washing and moisturizing your face, apply a hydrating, liquid foundation with a fluffy brush to even out your skin tone. Allow a few seconds for it to dry before taking your next step.

Step 2: Line Your Eyes

Use a small brush to apply gel liner across your lids to create a soft, sleek line. We’re not going for bold here—just accentuating your already beautiful eyes to make them a touch sultrier. You can keep your line as is or draw a wing to create a flirty cat eye. Just add mascara to your lashes and you’re finished with your eyes.

Step 3: Create New Cheekbones

We needed to add a little more drama to this look—it is a special night after all. Using the darker shade of your contour kit, slide your brush along the sides of your temples. Then use the same shade just under your cheekbones and along your jawbone to create dimension.

Step 4: Blush and Highlight

We’re sure your Valentine will have you blushing all night so we’re going to highlight your cheekbones to help your contour pop. Brush your highlight shade directly across your cheekbones. Then dab lightly on the center of your chin, as well as the bridge of your nose for an all-around glow.

Step 5: Color Your Lips

For the finishing touches on your romantic look, use a deep red lipstick on your lips. Be sure to line and fill your lips in with a lip liner, then apply lipstick with a brush to help your color last all night long.


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