The Best Makeup Essentials for Every Gym Workout

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The infamous post-workout selfie—admit it, we’ve all done it once or twice. There’s a no judgment zone here when it comes to women being confident enough to flaunt their beauty. Then there are times when we really want to document our progress on Facebook and Instagram, but there are so many things holding us back from achieving that flawless Kardashian-level selfie after a workout. The lighting in the gym, the sweat drizzling down our face and oil seeping through our pores don’t quite make you feel Instagram-ready does it.

Believe it or not, Jerome has 4 makeup essentials that can help you show off your #GymGoals without looking too dolled up for your squats.


Blemishes be Gone

The last thing you want to do is sweat through layers of heavy foundation. Cover up blemishes, acne scars or discolorations with our Skin Perfection Studio Stick. It’s waterproof so you won’t have to hold back in the gym because you’re worried about a little sweat. It also contains moisturizers to treat your skin and keep it looking and feeling healthy throughout your session.


Hello, Bright Eyes

If you’re an early morning riser and battle under eye dark circles, you’re not alone. Brighten up your eyes with a touch of concealer. Not only does it reduce puffiness, but it also contains skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and algae to hydrate and tighten your skin. Look alert in the gym and make your eyes pop for your post workout close-up. This is even more


Flirty, Fabulous Lashes

A little mascara can go a long way. Elongate your lashes for a flirty look for the gym. You won’t look overdone, but there’s something about fuller lashes that accentuates your face and makes your eyes even more mesmerizing. So, whether you’re going on a gym date or just need to look flawless for Facebook, mascara is your product.


Glowing Gym Goddess

You can’t help when your gym has poor lighting, but you can do something about your own glow. Help your skin radiate with a sun-kissed glow by using the right bronzer. A light bronzer is all your skin needs to achieve a soft sheen that looks and feels natural throughout your workout.


Now that your post-gym selfie has been upgraded, let’s work on your highlighting techniques. Glow like a goddess with Jerome’s essential highlighting tips.