The 3 Reasons You Should Make the Switch to Liquid Foundation

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When it comes to makeup, decision-making can be quite daunting. There are so many choices, how do you know which is the right for you? Foundation can be one of the hardest choices. How many times have you stood in the aisles trying to figure out, “am I a truffle or praline shade?” “Do I want a powder foundation or a liquid foundation?”

There’s no need to be overwhelmed because the answer is quite clear. Powder foundations are more limiting than liquids and we’ll explain why. In terms of your color-matching dilemma, there’s a simple solution—test it out on the back of your hand.


Let’s explore the wonders of liquid foundation and why Jerome recommends it for a flawless face.


It’s Easy Going

Liquid foundation is that friend that goes with the flow. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, there are still liquid choices for you, while a powder foundation will only work well with oily skin. If you’re a skin tends to get oily, using a matte liquid finish solves your problems. Another benefit of going fluid is that you can apply liquid foundation with several different tools: a brush, sponge and even your fingers if you prefer.


It’s Moisturizing

Jerome Alexander MagicMinerals AirCushion

Powder foundations can leave your skin feeling dry and flaky, while liquid hydrates your skin. Just remember to always moisturize and use a primer before applying foundation to achieve a lasting effect. Makeup should not prevent your skin from feeling refreshed and healthy. Our Magic Minerals AirCushion liquid foundation actually contains clinical level ingredients and a hydrating formula that promotes skin care.


It’s Buildable

You don’t have to worry about clogged pores and breakouts with lightweight liquid foundations. This formula allows you to create a sheer, polished finish or build it up to full coverage if you’d like. Liquids also help to fill and conceal lines and enlarged pores, and give you a glowing, luminous finish.


Our Magic Minerals AirCushion liquid foundation provides a natural matte finish, glides on easily and provides buildable flawless long-wear coverage. Learn more about the benefits of liquid foundation.