How to Wear Makeup With Glasses

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One of the questions Jerome is repeatedly asked at his beauty seminars is “How do I wear my makeup if I wear glasses?” Truth be told, application of makeup when wearing frames is not all that different. One of the … Read More

Beauty During Pregnancy

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Much has been written about the special glow of pregnancy. Ironic, given that while “pregnancy glow” is a real phenomenon, many women feel their most unattractive during those nine months. Jerome Alexander knows that it is possible to go from … Read More

How to Wear Minimal Makeup for the Gym

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When you act as your own makeup artist, you’ve got to be prepared to tackle all sorts of beauty scenarios- even the sweaty ones. The fast-paced lives of most women make it tough to be removing and re-applying our faces … Read More

Award Show Style: The Golden Globes

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Next to runway beauty, award show makeup sets the tone for glamour in the year ahead by showcasing the hottest trends and techniques sweeping Hollywood. The Golden Globes are particularly important to the beauty world because it combines actors and … Read More

Winter Skincare Routine

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As seasons transition, the sudden change from warm, balmy weather to crisp, dry days can leave your skin feeling parched and patchy, not the baby-bottom soft cheeks you want to cozy up with. Fight back against frightful winter weather with … Read More

Jerome Alexander’s Beauty Resolutions for 2016

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  New Year, new you! Now’s the time to kick those bad beauty habits you know have been hindering you, and incorporate new, healthy practices into your regimen. Kick the skin issues, extend the life of your makeup brushes, and … Read More

The Art of the Contour: A Step-by-Step Guide by Jerome Alexander

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Contouring may be the newest makeup trend to sweep the feeds of every Instagram and Pinterest user, but this blazing hot makeup trend is actually based on an art concept called the “dark/light illusion.” It is a very basic principle: … Read More

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