Strobing For Newbies: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Strobing For Newbies: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to be at least somewhat familiar with the latest strobing trend.

After all, strobing is the new contouring.  Strobing For Newbies: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

So how is it that these Instagram models you see taking over your timeline make it seem so effortlessly easy to have cheekbones that shine like a porcelain doll’s?

You don’t have to be a pro to get the look. Here is everything you need to know to take your strobing game to the next level.


Step One: Always Start With A Good Primer

We can’t stress this enough. How are you going to have a flawless makeup look without a good base? Makeup primers are key to any look you are trying to create because they give all of your favorite products a smooth surface to adhere to.

After moisturizing, use a primer that is light enough to not clog pores, but strong enough to create a buildable surface.

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Step Two: Map Out Your Face For Best Results

Strobing is used to highlight and define certain parts of the face, so a major step in creating the best look is to mattify the other parts of the face that you do not want to draw attention to.

After applying foundation, use a powder to keep the shine down to a minimum on areas such as your forehead, the tip of your nose, and your chin.

 Our Magic Minerals powder formula not only mattifies and creates a perfectly “blurred” look, but it also covers, conceals and corrects in one simple step. Want to know more? Click here.



Step Three: Strobe, Strobe, Strobe!

 After taking care of steps one and two, you’re ready to glow!

Apply a small amount of highlighter of your choice to anywhere on the skin where light would naturally hit.

For best results, use on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the brow bone.

Use a buffing brush to blend and smooth out the product, and you’re set!

Can’t get enough beauty tips? Click here for our full list of tested and approved everyday makeup tips! Happy blending!