Spring Cleaning for Your Makeup Bag: When To Toss Expired Products

Spring Cleaning for Your Makeup Bag: When To Toss Expired Products

7th of October 2019

When it comes to beauty products, women are notorious hoarders. It’s no surprise, considering quality cosmetics have become so expensive, that we tend to hold onto items for significantly longer than we should. However, just because that $40 foundation looked great for your cousin’s wedding in 2012 doesn’t mean it’s good to the last drop. In fact, certain products simply become ineffective or can even breed bacteria if used past their quality control date. Now that we’re beginning to transition from winter to spring and summer, we recommend you use this opportunity to perform a spring-cleaning exercise on your makeup bag!


Replace Every 2-3 Months

It goes without saying that the area immediately around your eye is by far the most sensitive part of your face. Therefore, the most care and attention should be shown to the eye makeup products you use so as not to irritate or possibly infect your eyes with makeup that’s past its prime. The exceptions to this rule are powder eyeshadows and pencil eyeliners; because they are not liquid in formula, they have a longer shelf life.

  • Mascara (all types)
  • Liquid or gel eyeliner

Replace Every 3-6 Months

Lip products and cream formulas are the next ones to go, as their containment of and/or exposure to moisture accelerates their decomposition. Lipstick and lip liner should be tossed after one year, while your favorite tube of lip gloss lasts a little longer. Oil-free foundation is another item on the list; it’s lack of a binding agent leads it to separate quicker than oil-based foundations.

  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
  • Oil foundation

Replace Every 6 Months-1 Year

Your cream-based products are next in line, as they begin to dry out after six months. You can revive them with hacks (adding eye drops to cream shadows works wonders!) but it won’t remove the bacteria buildup. Therefore, for cream-based cosmetics you use on your eyes or mouth, we recommend replacing them after six months to a year of use. Concealers are also a no-go anytime after one year. When it begins to become chalky, that’s s sign that it has started to oxidize, i.e. become lighter when exposed to air.

  • Cream shadows or blush
  • Concealer

Replace Every 18 Months- 2 Years

Ladies, lavish in your lip gloss, because it is the one item you can tote in every bag for years on end without it drying out or losing its luster! However, as we all know, the longer you keep an item, the more likely the formula is to change as it’s exposed to the elements. Therefore, your favorite super shine gloss may not be so silky smooth after a year or two, and it’s probably time to toss it.

  • Lipgloss

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