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Rejuvenate Your Eyes and Getting Rid of Dark Circles in Two Simple Steps

Rejuvenate Your Eyes and Getting Rid of Dark Circles in Two Simple Steps

4th of October 2019

It’s no secret that life can get in the way of our sleep. Long nights at work, after school recitals, and trying to hold on to your social life can no doubt make a full night’s sleep seem like a privilege. But on those nights or weeks when sleep doesn’t come often, you shouldn’t have to deal with baggage under your eyes as well.

Your eyes don’t have to broadcast, ‘Need sleep now,’ to the world. There’s a fix for that fluid build up under your eyes, and it’s packaged in just two simple steps.


You may not be enjoying the cold temperatures that winter brings, but your eyes sure do. The cold actually helps to hydrate your eye and reduce swelling. If you regularly use a facemask, stick it in the freezer until it chills. The cooling effect will alleviate the puffiness under your eyes.


This technique also works with ice. Fill a bag with a hand full of ice cubes and place it under your eye for about ten minutes. Wrap the bag in a paper towel if the direct contact is too cold for your skin. When the ten minutes are up, gently massage that area for 1-2 minutes and repeat with your other eye.


Moisturize you’re under-eye area before applying concealer for easy application and added hydration. Then, apply your concealer by tracing a downward triangle. Start the base directly under your eye and draw the tip towards your cheeks. This will help your eyes appear brighter, and no one will be able to tell that you only had 4 hours of sleep the night before.


Disclaimer: Sleep is essential for our overall health, which includes our skin. This tip meant to help conceal dark circles and bags after an occasional restless night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, we should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night so we can wake up with a natural rejuvenation.


This technique can help you apply your foundation so naturally; no one will ever know you’re wearing makeup. Find out how Jerome does it.

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