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Quick Tips For Your Best Eyebrows
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Quick Tips For Your Best Eyebrows

7th of October 2019

The eyebrows are perhaps the single most important feature for expressing oneself.  For many people, the eyebrows communicate a great deal of emotion, allowing people to see whether you’re happy, sad, angry, stern, quizzical, or surprised.  So ensuring that your eyebrows are shaped properly is critical if you don’t want to give the world the wrong impression.Quick Tips For Your Best Eyebrows


The following tips will help you achieve your best-looking eyebrows:

Tip #1: Never tweeze eyebrows immediately before going out, as a certain amount of irritation and puffiness may occur. You’re better off tweezing the night before, when a good night’s rest will give your skin a chance to recover from any swelling or soreness.

Tip #2: Stand at least one foot from the mirror when tweezing your eyebrows. Standing close to the mirror makes it easy to lose track of the bigger picture and can easily lead to over-tweezing.

Tip #3: Resist the urge to over-tweeze. If you are new to shaping your eyebrows, have them professionally shaped first, so you have lines to follow.  Many women have their eyebrows professionally shaped every 3 or 6 months, but maintain them with tweezing at home in-between their professional visits.

Tip #4: Hold a warm washcloth to the area prior to tweezing to let the pores open and follicles relax. This will help the hairs release a little easier.

Tip #5: Always pull the hairs out one by one, pulling from the root of the hair.

Tip #6: Don’t tweeze eyebrows from the top. Always work from the bottom, tweezing one line at a time, until you reach the desired shape.

Tip #7: Hold an ice cube or ice pack to the area after tweezing to help reduce any swelling or irritation.

Remember, properly shaped, well-groomed eyebrows help to frame a woman’s face. Even when not wearing makeup, well-cared-for eyebrows will help a woman look feminine and graceful.

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