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Must-Know Age-Defying Makeup Tips
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Must-Know Age-Defying Makeup Tips

7th of October 2019

As we age, our skincare and makeup regimen need to mature as well!

If you want to turn the clock, you must take the necessary steps your skin needs to maintain a healthy glow.

We’ve got you covered. Here are the essential tips every woman needs to know to keep that youthful look, no matter what age or makeup skill level.

Concealer Contour To The Rescue

 There are several ways to make your lips stand out without having to resort to bold liners and colors.

Pick up your favorite tried and true concealer stick just a few shades lighter than your natural color and apply around your lips for the perfect amount of contrast between your skin and your lips.

Just be sure to blend properly. It’s that easy!

Foundation Sticks For The Right Coverage

 If you are having trouble finding the right foundation to match your skin color, we have the answer for you.

Use a contour stick that is a few shades darker than your current color for a look that glides on effortlessly!

Jerome Alexander’s Skin Perfection Studio Stick is the perfect answer for your skin! These concealer sticks come in four different shades and are even waterproof for a youthful look that lasts throughout the day.

Give Your Lips The Glow They Deserve

Matte lipstick shades are a favorite for mature women, as they give the lips a perfect and smooth look without drawing too much attention.

For a little extra kick, apply a bit of shimmery powder to the middle of the lips after applying your favorite matte shade.

Smokey Eyes In A Flash

 Women of any age desire a perfectly applied smokey eye, but just what is the perfect tip for easy application?

Hashtags of course! Use a dark-shaded shadow pencil and simply draw a hashtag symbol on the outer corner of the eyes.

This will create the perfect amount of shadow in just the right spots for professional look blend that will look great at any age.

Looking for more must-know tips? Learn how to master a classic “nude” look, here.

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