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Morning Makeup Tips: The Essential Guide

Morning Makeup Tips: The Essential Guide

7th of October 2019

Brace yourselves. The holidays are coming.

You know what that means: Visits from far away relatives, late-night holiday parties and food hangovers from your grandma’s tasty gingerbread cookies.

We get it.

Fall weather and the holidays can take a toll on your complexion, especially in the morning.

But fear not! Follow along as we break down everything you need to know to make sure your complexion stays in tiptop shape from Halloween through the New Year!

Mind Your Eyes

Your eyes are the first sign of a long night, so be sure to keep them bright and healthy with the right eye care regimen.

The first step is to ensure you are actually applying your favorite eye cream the right way. Begin by applying on your temple, brow bone, eyelid and orbital bone for a proper base.

After applying your favorite eye cream, be sure to follow up with the right concealer.

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The Right Tools For The Job

After you’ve taken care of the delicate skin around the eyes, its time to get to work using the right makeup tools!

Begin by shaping the face with your brows. Using a brow pencil, fill in the brow area gently making sure to follow the natural arch of the brow bone.

For a more natural look, choose a neutral eye shadow tone and fill in the area from the lid to the outer sides of the eye area. This will help the eyes to instantly brighten with little effort!

Finish the look by curling the lashes before applying any mascara, as this will help the lashes to appear longer with just a few simple strokes!

Follow these simple tips and we’re sure your skin will thank you for it later!

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