Jerome’s Top 7 Mascara Hacks For Long Luxurious Lashes
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Jerome’s Top 7 Mascara Hacks For Long Luxurious Lashes

4th of October 2019

The power of mascara will never cease to amaze us. It’s one of those wonder products that instantly brings our faces to life all on its own. A quick swipe, wiggle or twirl of mascara—depending on your go-to technique—can elongate your lashes to the point where you may not need the liner.

The latest beauty trends can be fun and exciting to try, but we’re also strong believers in the basics. Mastering your mascara technique is a makeup skill that will always elevate your look and never go out of style. You can count on these seven tips to help you step up your lash game.

Look Low

When tackling your top lashes, look down into a mirror to avoid having your mascara mess up your eyelids.

Get Up Close and Personal

Get the product as close to the root of your lashes as possible for the fullest results. Achieve this by carefully pressing your brush against your eyelid.

Go Crisscross

Brush your mascara in an upward motion through your lashes. Then run through them in a horizontal motion to comb through every lash, making them full and fabulous.

Make it Bend

Applying mascara shouldn’t feel like yoga. Bend your mascara wand to make it easier to hit all of your lashes from the right angles.

Take a Twirl

This tip helps keep your mascara sanitary. Rather than pumping the product, give your mascara wand a twirl in the tube to avoid letting bacteria in. Pumping can also invite more air into the tube, which can cause clumping.

Bottom’s Up

If you’re one to apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes, start with your bottom set. It’s easier to fix mistakes if you haven’t done your top lashes yet.

Do the Wiggle

Wiggle your mascara wand through your lashes, starting from the base and working your way up to make sure every lash gets coated.


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