Jerome’s Easiest 5-Minute Natural Eyebrow Tutorial

Jerome’s Easiest 5-Minute Natural Eyebrow Tutorial

4th of October 2019

The big, bold brow trend isn’t for everyone. We’ve been paying extra attention to what all of our customers are saying, and word on the street is, you guys love a natural brow. Jerome’s mission has always been to help women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, whether they’re wearing a full face of makeup, or going au natural.

We’re excited to share a natural brow tutorial that will focus more on definition than dramatics. To groom your eyebrows using this tutorial you will just need the following 5 tools that may already be in your makeup kit:


Step 1: Tame Those Brows

Having long, stubborn brow hairs that stand out from the others can make for a scattered look. Use your spoolie brush to brush your brow hair upward. Then trim all the hairs that extend longer than the rest. This will define the shape of your brows and make it easier when filling them in.


Step 2: Tweeze Them Up

In this case, you’re not striving for perfection. You’re aiming for more polished than pristine. When tweezing your brows, only get rid of the obvious hairs that stand out and avoid getting too close to the shape of your brows. Focus on the hairs that catch your attention the most.


Step 3: Sweep Them in Place

This step gives your brows a refreshed, modern effect. Using your spoolie, brush your brows upward once again. Then sweep your spoolie through your brow hairs, directing them away from the center of your face.


Step 4: Fill Them In

Using a brow pencil is so 2017! Pick up your contour kit instead for an easy blend. Choose one of the six shades of the MagicMinerals Contour Kit that matches closely with your brows. You can even blend two shades together to create a custom shade. Dip your angled brow brush in your chosen shade and lightly brush it through your brows. This will give your brows a subtle pop, but still keep them looking natural and polished.

Your contour kit can be used for more than polished eyebrows and chiseled cheekbones. Get familiar with Jerome’s contour hacks for your eyes and skin.

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