Jerome Answers the 3 Makeup Questions No One Wants to Ask Out Loud

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No one was born with all the answers, especially when it comes to makeup. It’s okay if you don’t know what primer does exactly and whether you really need it. It’s also cool that there are 15-year-olds who can flawlessly contour in five minutes and you’re not sure where to start sculpting. This is all okay because that’s what we’re here for. Jerome wants to address the confusing makeup questions that many people keep to themselves.


  1. What should my makeup essentials be?

Makeup fanatics and experts all have their top 3 must-have products. But for the rest of us, it can be tough to decipher what three products can give you the best results. As a beginner, stick to two basics and one statement product. Primer and foundation are no-brainers for your two basic essentials, but the third is completely up to you. It can be anything from your favorite lipstick color to eyeliner to mascara.

  1. Why does my eyeliner smudge in the crease of my eyes?

Surprise! You’re not alone in this and you definitely shouldn’t have to stop wearing eyeliner because of this annoying problem. Your eyeliner and eyeshadow smudges due to hooded eyelids that cause your lash line to collide with your upper lids when you blink. But, there’s a fix—primer and powder. Use Primer on your lids to create a smooth surface for your makeup. Then prepare a dry canvas for your liner by adding a layer of powder or neutral eyeshadow shade.

This last step is very important. Take notice of what type of eyeliner you’re using on hooded eyelids. Pencils and crayons are sure to smudge, but long-wear gel liners have no problem staying in place. Finish off your lids by dusting another light layer of powder or neutral eyeshadow.

  1. How can I camouflage acne without it looking too obvious?

You’ll be relieved to know that this fix is actually easy. Your first step is to use primer to protect your skin from makeup getting trapped in your pores. Then apply concealer to a small brush with sturdy bristles and gently twist the product into the center of the pimple. Naturally blend the concealer into your skin by gently tapping on the area of application. Then apply your powder to help your concealer stay put.


Jerome would love to help you master your makeup and become more confident in your skills! If you have makeup questions, please send us a message on Facebook or leave a comment below!

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