Jerome Alexander’s Five Minute Beauty Routine

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Most women are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their morning makeup routine. Either you skip breakfast trying to evenly apply eyeliner, or you forgo the defined eye and feed your hunger… only to have a coworker comment on how tired you look. It’s a conundrum that’s plagued women for quite some time, and is only growing more challenging as more beauty trends (like contouring) get incorporated into the process. While embracing new techniques and trends will keep your makeup fresh, there is no need to lose sleep over mastering the perfect cat eye. A few basic steps will take you from groggy to gorgeous in under five minutes.

5 minute makeup

  1. Always use a moisturizer on your face.


  1. Apply foundation covering the entire face, eyelids, lips, neck, and ears.


  1. Apply a light blusher on the cheekbones. Use a dark contour in blusher in the hollow of the cheekbones. Blend well with a sponge wedge.


  1. Line the lips with a lipliner pencil. Use a corresponding shade of lipstick, fill in the lips with a lip brush.


  1. To give depth and drama to the eyes, apply a coat of mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Separate the lashes by combing them with an eyebrow brush.

The first time you complete this routine, time yourself; it will likely take you even less than the full five minutes! Finally, a routine that won’t leave you applying mascara in your rearview mirror at a stoplight. The best part? The more efficient you become with these steps, the more you can incorporate into your routine for those special presentation or big meeting days.