The Important Essentials To Have In Your Makeup Bag

In addition to cosmetic brushes, there are many other tools that a woman should keep at her disposal. Whether used for application or maintenance of cosmetics, these tools can help a woman look her best all day.


Sponge Wedges 


Triangles of foam, cut one-inch in thickness, these sponge wedges are invaluable to the professional makeup artist, as they are very versatile for cream and liquid products. They are used for the blending and application of cosmetics, including foundation. When using sponge wedges for sculpting the face, use the flat side for contouring and the tip for highlighting.  The sponge wedge can also be used to apply concealer cream or liquid to the under-eye area. The tip of the sponge wedge is ideal for applying foundation to cover small facial imperfections. The porous sponge will produce a sheer look.


Although sponge wedges can be washed out and reused, they are inexpensive enough so that you may want to start with a fresh one after several makeup applications.




A good pair of tweezers is a sound investment.  They are available in three tip varieties – pointed, straight, and slanted. Choosing the proper type of tweezer is based solely on your preference, but having a good pair is necessary for maintaining your perfect eyebrow shape.


Eyelash Curlers 


While many women insist on keeping an eyelash curler in their basic tool kit, the majority of women do not need this tool. Unless your lashes are unusually straight, eyelash curlers can do more harm than good. A curler will likely leave you with unnaturally curly lashes or, even worse, with fewer lashes than you began with. If you choose to use an eyelash curler, please follow these tips:


  • Don’t curl bottom lashes.
  • Don’t curl wet lashes, as they will straighten as soon as they dry.
  • Don’t curl lashes that already have mascara on them. For each lash you curl, you will probably pull two out.


Two-Hole Pencil Sharpener 


Some sharpeners are made to accommodate both narrow and wide pencils. This is the kind we suggest you buy. Do not try to sharpen pencils with a knife. When sharpening pencils, always remember to round off the sharp point. This is especially important for eye pencils. Never go near your eyes with a sharp point of any kind!


Once your makeup bag is complete, make sure you are getting the best results from your daytime makeup!