How to Wear Makeup With Glasses

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One of the questions Jerome is repeatedly asked at his beauty seminars is “How do I wear my makeup if I wear glasses?” Truth be told, application of makeup when wearing frames is not all that different. One of the key steps of beautiful makeup for women who wear glasses is first understanding which frame shape they wear most often, and how their prescription affects the way their eyes look from the other side of the lens. With a chart to help solve every eyeglass effect, Jerome has the secrets you need to look gorgeous in glasses.


Farsighted Lenses Magnify Eyes and Makeup

Cut down on the amount of eye makeup you use and opt for neutral and beige eye shadows.

Nearsighted Lenses Minimize Eyes

Eyeliner on the top and lower eyelids bring depth and drama to the eyes. For an added boost, use a white pencil on your lower waterline to make eyes pop!

Bifocals Magnify and Distort The Appearance of the Eyes

Women who wear bifocals should use soft, subtle shades and a minimum of eye makeup. Bifocals are usually worn by more mature women, who, even if they don’t wear glasses, should be applying less makeup.

Glasses Call Attention to Dark Shadows Under the Eyes

Use a good concealing cream like CoverAge both under foundation and again after the application of foundation for maximum brightening power.

Glasses Can Make Eyes Appear Close-Set

On the inner corner of the eye, apply a light highlight eye shadow to give the illusion of eyes being evenly spaced.

Tinted Lenses Can Cause a Change in the Appearance of Eye Shadow Colors 

Neutral shadows work best with tinted lenses. Avoid lenses and shadows that clash, such as pink lenses and bright green eye shadow.

Eyeglasses Diminish Shape, Making the Eye Area Appear Flat 

Wear enough dark mascara to give eyes the depth that glasses can take away. For even more defined eyes without wearing heavy makeup, use a gel formula and an eyeliner brush to apply eyeliner to the inner rim of your lash line, also known as tightlining.

The Wrong Frame Color Prevents a Pulled-Together Look

When purchasing frames, you should be mindful of your natural coloring. Frames should not clash with hair and skin coloring- too many different color can be distracting. When in doubt, the more neutral, the better.

Tinted Glasses Cast a Tint on Your Eyes

To emphasize the whites of the eyes, rim the platform of the lower lid with a blue pencil.

Glasses Cover The Tops of Your Cheeks 

Make sure glasses don’t extend to where blush needs to be. When applying blush, put glasses on first as a boundary line for your application.

Glasses Make Your Face Look Top-Heavy

Always wear lipstick when wearing glasses- even if that’s the only makeup you put on. Lip color will help balance the look of your face.

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