How To Use Bronzer 3 Different Ways

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Are you ready to meet the makeup multi-tasker that’s worth its weight in the golden glow it adds to your skin? Bronzed beauties, rejoice! Magic Minerals has recently released a bronzer that’s about the blow your mind. Not only is it the same micronized, mineral formula of its predecessor, but it also comes with a dual-ended angled and stubby brush for seamless application! So now that you’re ready to jump on the bronzer bandwagon, Jerome wants to show you how to make the most of your summer staple!

How To Use Bronzer 3 Ways

Warm Up Your Skin Tone
Don’t spend hours in the sun just to damage your skin in search of the perfect glow. Bronzer is the best way to warm up your complexion within subjecting your pores to the sun, and can make all the difference in slowing the effects of aging! The key to application is a light hand and the rule of three: sweep bronzer in the shape of a three, along your hairline, in the hollows of your cheeks, and along your jawline. Bronzer, just like all makeup, is meant to enhance your natural beauty! Lightly dust it everywhere the sun would naturally kiss your skin, and suddenly you’re radiant and ready for summer.
Add Depth & Dimension To Your Eyes
Bronzer by Magic Minerals offers the best of both worlds: four shades that blend to suit every skin tone that can simultaneously act as liner, shadow, and even brow powder! The true beauty of bronzer is that brown is an eye shadow shade that flatters everyone. Use it in your crease to add depth with a soft, fluffy brush, or use a damp, angled eyeliner blush to add emphasis to your lash line as brown eyeliner.

Detail Your Décolletage
If you thought bronzer was only meant to contour your face, think again! The lovely lines of your neck and décolletage can be softly sculpted for a seamless and sexy finish. Of course, there is no greater beauty blunder than (or total shame) than ruining your clothing with makeup stains, so plan ahead. When dehydrated skin overcompensates by kicking into overdrive oil production, skin gets slick, and makeup slips. Moisturize your neck and chest, then allow 2-3 minutes for full absorption.
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