How to Master the Puuurfectly Precise Cat Eye Using Concealer

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The cat eye is such a go-to versatile look that’s worth perfecting. Whether you pile on the highlight and blush or keep it simple with foundation and concealer, the cat eye works with almost any look. It’s there for you through date nights, formal events and Sunday errands. This simple technique can even save you in the morning when you snoozed the alarm five too many times.


Step 1: Draw Your Wings

Before lining about your upper lash, draw your wings on both eyes first. This is when most people get nervous, but if you mess up, you can redo the wing without having to go over the entire eye. It saves you time and aggravation.

If both eyes aren’t perfect or don’t match, don’t panic, we’re about to tackle that.


Step 2: Clean it up

Now you may look at your left eye and congratulate yourself because it looks amazing—kudos to you! But if your right eye looks a bit sad, don’t get discouraged or frustrated, that’s an easy fix.

This is where your CoverAge Concealer comes in. Dab your concealer lightly with a small brush and use it to smooth out any wobbly lines.


Step 3: Finish it up

Don’t forget to draw your eyelash line. Once you’re satisfied with your wings, get back in there with your eyeliner and polish it up with a straight line. If you’re not used to lining your eyes, don’t worry if your line isn’t bone straight. Use concealer to straighten it out. And if you’re adding eyeshadow, it’s perfect for disguising small imperfections.


The best thing about cat eyes is that this look allows you to be as simple or bold as you want to be. You can create a small wing for a daytime look and then add more drama at night when you want to make a statement. Just be sure to keep your concealer on hand to help you tame that kitty cat.


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