How to Master the Best Contour Technique for Your Face Shape

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Contouring. Either you love it or you hate it. The thing is, most people hate the contour craze because of extreme tutorials that display a dramatic sculpt that doesn’t look possible. Sure we’ve all heard the joke that there’s no need for botox when you have a contour palette, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely alter our features. Jerome believes that makeup is meant to enhance your natural features and highlight your beauty.

For the non-believers out there, you don’t have to take contour to clown levels. Contouring is not a one size fits all technique so every makeup tutorial won’t work for you. Believe it or not, achieving a natural sculpt, starts with the shape of your face. And the second most important tip—blend!

Round-Shaped Face

If you have a round shaped face, you should focus your contour brush along the sides of your forehead and jawline, your temples and under your cheekbones. This method will chisel your face and give you more dimension.

Heart-Shaped Face

Queens of hearts need to draw a ‘3’ with your contour brush to accentuate the curves of their face. You’ll need to start at the top-center of your forehead, glide the curve just below your cheekbones and finish on the tip of your chin.

Square-Shaped Face

Along your forehead and your jawbone, and under your cheekbones are your focus areas if you have a square face. Lightly brush your contour powder over these areas and blend to enhance your features.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamonds, start from your temples and work your brush under your cheekbones. Blend towards the middle of your cheeks to achieve a natural result without your makeup caking up and appearing too dramatic.

Oval-Shaped Face

Oval ladies should contour the sides of your forehead just below the hairline and right under your cheekbones. Blending is especially essential for this method to avoid blotchy spots on your face.

Despite what shape face you are, blending is always the key to getting the best contour results. Overly dramatic dark lines across the cheekbones often appear that way because the product was not blended correctly.


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2 Responses

  1. Lynne Bilski

    How do you contour for an oblong face?

    • Jerome Alexander Cosmetics

      Hi Lynne, to contour an oblong face you want to focus on these 3 areas:

      *Along your hairline to make it appear lower
      *Under your chin so your face looks rounder
      *Just below your cheekbones. Start from your ears and end in the middle of your cheeks.