How to Maintain Your Summer Glow Through Fall
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How to Maintain Your Summer Glow Through Fall

4th of October 2019

We’re still over a month away from the official start of the Fall season, but some of you are already fretting about how to maintain that summer glow that you worked so hard on all summer!  Not to worry ladies, it’s quite easy to fake that sunny glow as long as you have the right makeup products to help you look like you just came back from a vacation in the South of France.

Bronzing your face is actually quite simple once you know where to apply it!  Here are some simple steps to achieve the most radiant glow with the use of just a few products!

  1. Always start with a clean face that has been moisturized and primed.  We recommend using a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30 (to keep UV rays and premature aging at bay) and a light primer such as our Magic Minerals LiquidSilk Air Primer.  Primer is very important step that many people skip which is unfortunate as it is one of the most important steps to achieving flawless looking skin by helping to fill in any fine lines or large pores while also giving your foundation something to adhere to.
  2. The next step is to use a foundation that is appropriate for your skin.  We love our new Magic Minerals AirBrush Foundation for its ease of application and buildable coverage.  It comes in a convenient spray that you apply to a kabuki brush and buff into your skin to achieve a flawless finish thanks to our clinical level skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which keeps your skin moisturized and protected from the free radicals that can cause premature aging.
  3. After you apply your foundation, we suggest applying a thin layer of powder to set the foundation.  You can use a loose translucent powder or if you have oilier skin our Magic Minerals color correcting powder does a great job at keeping you shine free all day while also correcting any sallow or dull areas on your skin.
  4. Now for the fun part.  You want to first choose a good bronzer that goes well with your skintone.  Luckily for you, our Magic Minerals Bronzer comes with three shades of matte bronzer as well as a radiant pink blush to give you a healthy flush.
  5. After you have chosen the correct bronzing color, start by chiseling your cheekbones by applying the darkest bronzing shade from just under your cheekbones starting from the apply of the cheeks all the way to your ear.  Use the included kabuki brush to use small circular motions for a more natural look or swipe back and forth underneath the cheek bone to give a more defined look.
  6. Now take the bronzing shade that’s a bit lighter and apply bronzer in small circular motions from temple to temple and along your hairline to create some definition around your forehead as well as helping to minimize a long forehead.
  7. If you have a round or wide face that you’d like to add a little more structure to, use the darkest bronzer to sculpt your jawline which will give you the appearance of a slimmer face.  Start at the base of your jaw and blend all the way to just under your chin and make sure to blend, blend, blend! You never want any harsh lines on your face!
  8. If you want to contour your nose, you can use the darkest shade of bronzer along with the smaller eyeshadow brush included in our Magic Minerals Bronzer kit to swipe the bronzer down each side of your nose to make your nose appear slimmer.
  9. Finally, use the light pink blush included in our bronzing palette to add a radiant flush to the apples of your cheek! See how easy it is to maintain that summer glow you never want to lose?  Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from Jerome Alexander Cosmetics!

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