How to Look Like a Model

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We’ve all seen a woman so glamorous, so polished, and so tall that we know she must be a model. Incredible genetics aside, how do these ladies manage to look so effortlessly beautiful day in and day out? After working with these professional beauties for over thirty years, Jerome Alexander has uncovered the secrets to looking like a model! Step aside, DNA; looking like a model is possible with these simple tips.


Master the Multi-task

The biggest beauty obstacle for women is time, which is why the capacity to multi-task is so valuable. Anywhere you can, find moments that you can devote to simple grooming exercises, such as applying a face mask while folding laundry, or checking e-mails.

Bargain Hunt for Beauty

Just because celebrities and models pose with luxury brands does NOT mean you can’t achieve the same results with less expensive version. Some of the oldest beauty brands are still the best on the market. Furthermore, plenty of household items can do the work of pricey beauty products. For example, the yolk of an egg makes a great dry hair mask, while the egg white can be used as a skin-tightening facial.

Veer Towards Versatility

 If variety is the spice of life, then models are gourmet chefs when it comes to valuing versatility. They are capable of changing their look to fit any casting requirements, and so are you! Wearing the same makeup you’d wear to the office on a fancy dinner date is going to leave you lacking confidence and feeling plain. Learn to match your makeup to the occasion and try not to get stuck wearing one look.

Free Your Face

Take a break from makeup. Deep-cleanse your face either with a facial or at-home beauty products. Then, take a 24-hour break from makeup, making sure you use plenty of moisturizer on your face.

Invalidate Your Insecurities

 Nose too large? Lips too thin? Women will always find a feature of their appearance they aren’t happy with. The key is to change your perspective; after all, most super models are so successful because of their unique characteristics! The more you can learn to see yourself as beautiful, the more others will see it, too!