How To Color Match Your Foundation to Your Complexion

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Remaining true to your unique beauty and style, you should choose a foundation color that is as close to your normal skin tone as possible. However, for many women, that can be easier said than done. Choosing the right foundation color requires you to develop an awareness of your skin and knowledge of how to make a uniform look between your body and your face.


Skin tone isn’t simply made up of one color. It is a blend of many colors, and each individual will have varying hues within their skin. Some may find they naturally have a higher percentage of the warm tones – yellows, golds, and greens – while others experience more of the cooler tones – red, purple, and blue. Still others may realize they have more neutral tones or an equal balance between warm and cool tones. Identifying your underlying skin tone is a key step for choosing the right shade of foundation.

Begin by cleansing your face, so you are able to view your skin without any artificial color influences. Tie your hair back, wear a tank top or wrap yourself in a towel, and stand in front of a mirror with as much daylight as possible. Begin to study the skin of your shoulders, chest, neck, jaw line, and face, and see how each area is similar or different from other areas. The goal is to identify your neutral skin tone, or the tone that works to unify the naturally different shades between your body and face. For many women, this neutral zone can be found at the very back of the jaw line near the earlobe, where the face and the neck meet. When you find that area of your neck and face that are similar in shading, color test potential foundation options there.

When finding the right foundation, you want to choose a color that makes your chest, neck, and face look seamless. Keep in mind, this may mean a foundation looks lighter on one part of the face and darker on another part of the face; however, once the entire face and jaw line has been covered, it should all work together. Once you’ve applied, the key to a flawless finish is to blend, blend, blend. Now you’ve got a gorgeous canvas on which the rest of your makeup can really shine!

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