How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin

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When applying any makeup look, the goal for your foundation is to create a smooth, even tone: your skin, but better. Depending on your personal style, you may opt for heavier coverage or a barely-there option. Regardless, your foundation should enhance your natural beauty.

From liquids to powders and mousses to minerals, you can find a foundation for every cosmetic concern. To simplify the options available, let’s divide foundations into five categories: liquid, cream, powder, mineral, and specialty. Each has unique characteristics as far as ease of application and finished result.

Here’s how to choose which is best for your skin:

Liquid Foundation

This category includes oil-based and oil-free variations, and can be summed up by their consistency – liquid in form, but lighter than a cream. Liquid foundations can be very versatile. They offer a wide-range of coverage options and colors. Oil-based foundations are best suited for dry and mature skin because they offer a plumping effect on the skin. These formulas are also great for daytime, as they leave skin with a moist, dewy finish. Oil-free or matte foundations are water-based and work better for oily skin. These foundations leave skin with a non-shiny finish and are great for evening wear.

Cream Foundation

This formulation offers a fuller coverage option than its liquid counterpart. Cream foundations are ideal for those who need extra coverage for skin problems like pimples, pockmarks, large pores, burst capillaries, skin discoloration, and age spots. Because of their thicker consistency, it is very important that the color of your foundation is as true to your natural skin tone as possible.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation most often comes in a compact, which is great for a woman who needs on-the-go convenience. Additionally, some powder foundations are available as a loose powder, but this is less common. This formula is best suited for women with oily skin types, as it naturally eliminates undesirable shine. However, there are powder options formulated for all skin types, including hydrating powder for dry skin.

Mineral Foundation

For women who desire great coverage from a natural (often organic) product, mineral foundation is the answer. Great if you have sensitive skin or allergies, this type of foundation is mineral rich. Mineral foundation formulas are ideal for women who want their natural beauty to shine through while still benefiting from color-correction and a skin evening effect. (Try our best-selling mineral foundation!)

Specialty Foundations

This category covers everything else on the shelves, including stick foundation for ultimate coverage, waterproof formulas for special circumstances, and mousse or whipped foundation for weightless coverage. With each passing year, new trends in specialty foundations come and go, providing women with endless new options to try.

Sometimes, the right foundation for you shifts with the seasons. Your skin can behave differently as the weather changes and you may require more or less coverage. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formulations!


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