How to Brighten and Lift Your Eyes With Just Two Makeup Tools

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There are some things in life we just can’t control, like getting our eyebrows to match precisely on busy mornings and getting older. Aging is inevitable. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. A few wrinkles have nothing on being 50 and fabulous, or older and wiser. It’s okay to flaunt them, but it’s also okay to hide them— and, you don’t have to make any painful, permanent changes when you have an easy fix at hand.


Jerome has the ultimate tips for achieving an eyelift in your own bathroom, and the only tools you need are right in your makeup bag! Use these tricks to help raise your eyes and make them appear brighter. It’s all about your lids and brows.

Contour Your Eyes

You can truly contour anything these days! Apply a light contour shade along your lash line and work your way up to the crease. Then use the slightly darker shade within your crease. Blend the two shades together and they will naturally brighten up your eyes.

Arch the Brows

A shapely brow can give the illusion that your face is lifted because it draws the attention upward. Fill in your brows and create a natural arch to achieve this youthful look. We know it can be hard to match your eyebrows— but getting them as close as possible is simple. An outline is much easier to replicate than starting from scratch twice. Draw both outlines first, then lightly fill them in to achieve your ideal twin brows.

Highlight Your Arch

Applying a touch of highlight within the arch of your brow can also provide a slight lift. Just don’t go overboard with the glow, to keep your look as natural as possible. A small dab of a subtle shade on your finger or brush will do. If you do apply too much, just use a matte powder and your small brush to cancel out the shine.


These techniques are so subtle and effective that you can use all three simultaneously or on their own. They’re even helpful for brightening your eyes after a sleepless night.


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