How to Apply Lipstick to Uneven Lips
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How to Apply Lipstick to Uneven Lips

4th of October 2019

The right lipstick can transform your entire look and mood for the day. A bold red, flirty pink or pretty peach color can work wonders for your outfit. It’s too much of a staple to be left out of our makeup bag—even if you have uneven lips. Lipstick does tend to exaggerate the appearance of uneven lips, but with the right technique, you can rock whatever color you please. Here’s how Jerome advises clients to apply lipstick on uneven lips.

Even out the Sides of Your Lips

It may seem challenging to get both sides of your lips to match, but the fix is actually quite simple. It just takes a little patience and practice. You’re going to need a lip liner for outlining, which makes it easier to fill in your lipstick and gives your lips more definition. When tracing your lips, outline just outside the thinner part of your natural lip line. This will redefine the boundaries of your lips and help to balance out both sides. Try not to stray too far from your natural line to avoid making it obvious that you over-lined. Using your lipstick, fill in your lips without crossing the boundary of your outline.

Even out Your Top and Bottom Lips

There are two ways to get your top and bottom lips to twinning status. The first technique copies the way we evened out the sided of your lips. If your top lip is smaller than the bottom, outline just outside of your natural lip line to create a fuller effect. Then use your lipstick to fill in your lips. If you’re not a fan of over-lining your lips, you can also play with different shades and textures of lipsticks.


Did you know that lighter shades can make your lips appear fuller? After lining your lips, apply your preferred shade to the fuller lip. Then apply a slightly lighter shade to the smaller lip. The difference in shades must be minor, otherwise, it will be noticeable and will give you a more two-toned effect—which isn’t what you’re going for. When you’re finished with your color, add a touch of gloss to the center of the smaller lip to give it a slight pop.

Jerome loves helping his fans achieve the best results with their makeup. Let us know when you have a beauty question and Jerome will be happy to create a tutorial or provide advice on the subject. Comment below or send us questions on our Facebook page.


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