Highlighting The Face: Top Tips and Tricks For All Makeup Lovers

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Let’s be honest, highlighting the face can do wonders for any and every skin tone and complexion, but even something that seems to work miracles can get a little stale, and the effect can wear off if you’re not having fun with it!


As we move deeper into the fall sweater weather season, there’s never been a better time than now to explore new fun and easy ways to boost your highlighting routine to give your complexion the boost it needs through the end of the year.


Mind Your Eyes

Your eye area will always be one of the best tools in your arsenal for adding a healthy glow to the skin.


To really draw attention to the eyes, use your favorite highlighter on the center and lower corner of the eye area. This will help distract from tired or dull skin underneath the eyes and will give you a refreshed and bright look throughout the day. (Who really needs sleep anyway?!)


For a little more drama, be sure to add highlight shimmer to the brow bone and the center of the lid, but remember, a little goes a long way.


The Nose Knows

Your nose helps to frame the face, so be sure to give it the attention it deserves.


Using a fan brush, apply a small amount of highlight shimmer to the very tip and bridge of your nose. This handy trick will help to give just the right amount of dimension and glow just where you’d want it.


Let Your Lips Do The Talking

Most women may not know this, but your lips are also an amazing canvas for creating a glowing complexion.


Start by using your favorite matte lipstick, which will act as a base for your highlight of choice, then proceed to apply a small amount of highlighter to the very center of both your top and lower lips.


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