Here’s How Skipping Primer is Hurting Your Makeup Routine
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Here’s How Skipping Primer is Hurting Your Makeup Routine

4th of October 2019

Let’s address the elephant in the room. The belief that primer is a waste of time, energy and money is one of the most commonly spread makeup myths. Priming is just as essential as your cleansing and moisturizing process. Nope, this is not an exaggeration—primer really does work wonders for your skin and impacts your makeup results.

First, let’s discuss the purpose of this overlooked product. Primer prepares your skin for your makeup application by helping your skin absorb foundation and other products much easier. There are many ways in which your skin can benefit from using a primer.

Large Pores are No More

Jerome is often asked whether our MagicMinerals AirCushion liquid foundation blocks large pores and causes acne. His response always includes primer. The truth is, large pores are susceptible to trap foundation, but primer acts as a buffer to prevent that from happening.

Dim the Shine

Skin with large pores tends to be oilier. If you’re not a fan of the extra glow, primer can be the answer to your problems. It fills in your pores, smoothing out your skin, and dims down the unwanted shine.

Everlasting Makeup

Okay, your makeup won’t literally last forever, but it could feel that way. This brings us to another question Jerome hears often. “Will the MagicMinerals Powder last all day?” And the answer is yes, with primer.

As we said, primer helps makeup lay on your face better than on bare skin. Our Liquid Silk Primer even creates an invisible film that combats outside elements and leaves makeup looking fresh all day. The right primer can prevent your makeup from fading, caking or discoloring over time.

Vibrant Vixen

You don’t have to wear makeup to wear primer; it also works its magic on makeup-free days. A little moisturizer and primer are all you need when you just want your skin to breathe or if you don’t have 20 minutes to spare to do your makeup. It will help you look more polished and even out your skin tone to create a natural vibrancy.

More Money, More Time

We saved the best for last! Let’s talk about how primer can actually put more money in your pockets and save you time. A little primer goes a long way, so there’s no need to pile on the product. Just one or two pumps should do. Since this wonder product helps your makeup stay fresh and last longer, you make fewer trips to the powder room. You also use less product, which causes your makeup to last longer. (Those small dabs of foundation add up.) This means you can buy foundation less frequently.


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