How To Give Your Complexion A Spring Glow

How To Give Your Complexion A Spring Glow: Must Know Beauty Tips

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As the cold and frigid temperatures subside with the warm touch of the sun, the changes you make to your makeup and skin care routine will set the tone for the rest of the sun-soaked summer and spring time days.

It’s time to give your complexion the attention and pampering it deserves. Here are the top skincare tips you need to know. How To Give Your Complexion A Spring Glow

 First Things First: Mind Your Moisturizer

 As the seasons change, one of the most critical changes to make to your skin care regimen is your moisturizer.

Your skin needs to breathe during the warmer months, so switching to something lighter is key. Our skin tends to hold in more moisture and water during the warmer months, so be sure to find lighter moisturizer with higher SPF.

Exfoliation Is Key

 If you notice that your skin gets dryer during the Spring and summer months, be sure to exfoliate to remove dead skin that may build up on the face over time.

This is a great trick to keeping a healthy glow!

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Stash

Spring is the perfect time to take a second look at your makeup kit.

Older makeup tends to build up over time, allowing for harmful bacteria accumulation.

Be sure to throw out any makeup that has not been used in a while. Washing your makeup brushes once a week is a great way to cut down on bacteria build up.

Ditch the Foundation for Lighter Coverage

 Heavy coverage tends to clog pores and can add to acne and blemishes. Switch to lighter coverage makeup such as a tinted moisturizer during hot days to allow for your skin to breathe.

Tinted moisturizers also allow for extra hydration throughout the day.

When it comes to makeup, there is no such thing as knowing too much!

Once you have your spring skin care routine down, take a look at other great makeup tips for the rest of the year thanks to Jerome Alexander.