Get The Best Results From Your Daytime Makeup

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The secret of good daytime makeup is to get into a pattern without falling into a routine. Your schedule is busy, so the goal is to apply your makeup with a minimum of fuss each morning.


Moisturize & Apply Foundation


Start by moisturizing your face and neck. Not only is moisturizer good for the health of your skin, but it also prepares your face for your makeup. Then you’ll want to apply foundation to create a consistent skin tone. If you have under-eye shadows, use our CoverAge concealer with 5 clinical level skin care ingredients to say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness.


Contour & Highlight


Next, you’ll want to contour and highlight your face for the illusion of an oval shape. For daytime, consider using lighter and darker foundation for contouring, rather than a separate contour powder, as it maintains a natural look. Continue contouring and highlighting the cheekbones with blush.


Add Definition to Your Eyes


Add definition to the eyes by learning how to either lift or enlarge the eyes. You’ll want to apply three different eye shadows to the upper lid based upon the level of correction you need. For maximum effect, envision the eyelid in three parts.

Eyeliner can be omitted for a daytime look, but many women opt to use it. If you do choose to use eyeliner, line the upper lid with a soft brown liner, as black liners can look harsh during the day.


Apply Mascara


Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Separate the lashes with a brow brush after the mascara has been applied. To perfect your eyebrows, brush them into shape.  If necessary, lighten or darken the brows with eyeshadow.


Line the Lips


Line the lips with a lip liner pencil. Using a corresponding shade of lipstick, fill in the remainder of the lips.  For daytime, apply a small amount of lip gloss to the lower lip.


Finish your daytime makeup by dusting the face with translucent powder, and then buff well with a large powder brush. As the day turns into night, learn how to get the perfect makeup for an evening out.