Four Lip Shades Every Woman Should Own

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Since the age of the Egyptian empire, wearing lipstick has been an expression of personal style and femininity. Over time, lipstick has evolved into so many different forms, shades, and finishes that simply keeping up with all the products available can be overwhelming! We’ve broken down the basics of an essential lipstick collection with four shades that every woman should own.


Coral Pink

A sweet coral pink is perfect for everyday wear, especially when you’d like to add color to your lips that mimics a natural flush. For a light wash of pink, apply sparingly over lip balm, or layer color over concealer for an opaque pop of color! Worried about washing out? For warmer undertones, use a lip brush to combine a cooler shade, such as a Deep Rose to balance out your palette. For those with cooler undertones, incorporate more warmth and depth with a hint of Cherry Red.

Deep Rose

If you’re looking for the perfect day-to-night lip color, look no further! Deep rose is a mature pink that’s perfect for the office or a date night. More intriguing than a nude but less distracting than a red, this shade is a must-have in your lipstick collection. You can wear it without lipliner for a more casual effect, or line the lips for a polished pout

Cherry Red

Whether matte, satin, or glossy, a classic Cherry Red lip is a nod to the shade that has captured the hearts of makeup lovers since the very beginning! A cherry red with very light blue undertones will make teeth look whiter and balance warmer skin tones. For those with cooler skin tones, try mixing Cherry Red lipstick with a Brick Red for a touch of warmth.

Brick Red

A brick red is a good alternative to a bold red lip, especially in the cooler months. Slightly more understated, brick reds have subtle orange undertones that are universally flattering. This color is also seriously trending at the moment, meaning you can look professional at the office while still feeding your inner fashionista.

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