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Find The Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Color

Find The Best Eye Makeup For Your Eye Color

9th of October 2019

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-1-44-54-pmYour eyes are the one facial feature that can be dressed-up or dressed-down in any number of ways. If you’re feeling sexy, go for a dramatic smoky eye. If cool and casual is your motto, nudes and naturals are probably your go-to hues. While the options for eye makeup really are limitless, there are certain hues that help accentuate specific eye colors. If you really want to make your eyes pop, consider the following colors for your make-up routine.

Blue Eyes
Blue is a cool color, so warmer shades, like rust, terracotta, and other brown hues, help blue eyes stand out better. If you’re feeling bold and want those baby blues to really pop, try an orange hue. Be cautious about using blue and green hues, as blue eyes tend to blend in with these colors. Instead, experiment with shades of purple. When it comes to a smoky look, go for neutral hues instead of dark shades, like black.

Expert Tip: To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, use a beige highlighter pencil on the inside lower lash line.

Brown Eyes
Brown is a neutral color, so women with brown eyes have the widest range of color options. For striking everyday hues, bronze and peach perfectly accentuate brown eyes. Don’t go too neutral, as brown on brown can be drab. Instead, choose earth tones with a bit of shimmer or metallic coloring. To make brown eyes pop, go for brighter shades of blue and purple, like cobalt and violet.

Expert Tip: Try colored mascara or eyeliner, such as eggplant or navy, to really highlight brown eyes.

Green Eyes
Every girl needs a neutral, but it’s different for every eye color. For green eyes, go for warm undertones, such as shimmery taupe or a soft rose. When in doubt, use a purple hue. Purple shades accentuate just about every eye color, but are especially flattering on green eyes. Try a vibrant violet for a bold look or go casual with a soft lavender hue. For your smoky look, complement a deep plum with silver instead of black.

Expert Tip: Avoid using dark black eyeliner because it will look too harsh on your lighter eyes. Instead, go for a gray or brown.

Hazel Eyes
Hazel eyes can vary greatly, but are always a blend of brown and green with hints of gold. This array of colors offers the opportunity to accentuate different hues within the eye with different shades of makeup. If you want to flatter the green in your hazel eyes, use a purple shade, such as violet or plum. If you want to play up the brown tones of your eyes, use grays and neutral browns. To enhance the richness of hazel eyes, use gold and bronze hues. For a fierce look, opt for a shimmery rust or burgundy shade.

Expert Tip: To give your eyes more depth, use dark brown or eggplant eyeliner.

No matter what color your eyes are, you can use makeup to enhance their natural beauty and really make them pop. Your eyes are one of your most important features, so don’t be afraid to experiment with color and bat those gorgeous lashes.

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