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Find the Best Blush Colors For Your Complexion
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Find the Best Blush Colors For Your Complexion

7th of October 2019

Blush may be one of the most misused and misunderstood daily cosmetics that women use. With the right blush color, your complexion can shine. Before exploring blush techniques, keep this in mind: everything you put on the face has to have a reason for being there. Nothing is ever applied indiscriminately. This means the decision to apply blush, the color you choose, the depth of that color, and where it is applied must be strategic.


Finding the perfect shade of blush can mean the difference between a perfectly sun-kissed look and a clown-like appearance. Not all shades of blush work for all skin tones. Find your skin tone below for right blush colors for you!


Fair Skin:


Fair skin includes the lightest shades of natural skin tones. Generally, women with fair skin get sunburned easily and have either freckles or a porcelain complexion. Fair skinned beauties should focus on light colored blush options, as color will stand out on their pale skin. Colors that work best on fair skin include soft pink, light coral, peach, and champagne.


Medium Skin:


Nearly 80% of women fall into the category of medium skin. Medium-skinned women should be careful when choosing their blush colors because a color that is too light will make them look ashen, but a color too dark will look clownish. Colors that work best on medium skin are rich pink, warm mauve, and deep peach.


Dark Skin:


Most dark-skinned women are able to wear a range of blush colors, but they must take care in choosing a shade that isn’t too light. A light blush will make dark skin appear washed out and pale. Colors that work best on dark skin are deep fuchsia, warm brown, tangerine, and gold highlights.


Similar to blush, lipstick shades can be right or wrong for your complexion. Learn which lipstick colors are perfect for your skin.

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