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False Lashes: Jerome Alexander’s Guide to Expert Application

False Lashes: Jerome Alexander’s Guide to Expert Application

7th of October 2019

With the advent of eyelash extensions that look incredibly natural, we are easily fooled into thinking that the effect of extensions is the standard. Yet for many women, extensions are a pricey luxury that few have time or money for. Thankfully, false lashes provide a happy medium, and when expertly applied, can range from looking like “your lashes, but better” to dramatic, diva proportions. From individual lashes, to strips, to the tools you’ll need, and everything in between, Jerome Alexander walks us through the steps to applying false lashes.



Before getting started, you’ll need your desired set of lashes (keep reading to determine which style is right for you) and a well-lit mirror. You’ll also need a pair of tweezers and eyelash glue.

The tweezers should be small enough to manipulate the lashes onto our eyelid, and the eyelash glue can be any color (most drugstores carry white and black), however, we recommend you choose the color that blends the best with your skin tone.

If you plan on wearing additional eye makeup, which we recommend you do to balance out the look, apply it before adding false lashes. That way, any spill from shadow or eyeliner mistakes can be fixed before glue is involved, and you’re forced to start over.

Individual Lashes

For a softer look that mimics your natural lashes, or if you simply want to fill bare spots or add fullness to your lash line, individuals are the way to go. They may seem trickier than strips as they come as sets of cluster of 3-4 lashes, but the technique is fairly similar.

Start by placing two of your lash clusters on the backside of whichever hand you won’t use to apply them, which has now become your “pallet.” Squeeze a small amount of glue next to the clusters, and then use your tweezers to grab the cluster by the hairs to gently coat the end in glue.

Once you’ve applied glue, wait 30-60 seconds before gently sliding the base of the cluster between your lashes, as close to the lash line as possible without touching. We recommend starting in the middle of your eye and working outward. Hold in place for another 30-60 seconds before repeating the process until you’ve achieved your desired look.

Strip Lashes

Even the more natural looking strip lashes provide something that individual clusters don’t: a baseline that gives your eyes definition, similar to wearing eyeliner. Therefore, if you want a more dramatic look, strip lashes are the way to go.

When it comes to strip lashes, your style options are nearly endless. Everything from light wispy lashes that enhance your natural fringe, to feather sets fit for a showgirl. The trick to applying strip lashes is fitting them to the shape of your eyes. When the strips are too long (which they often are), lashes tend to lift, which is every woman’s worst nightmare. Before adding glue, measure the strip along your lash line and cut off any excess for a fitted and secure application.

Repeat the glue process outlined in strip lashes, then gently place the strip along your lash line. Start from the center and work outwards, gently pressing along the base of your lashes for better adherence. Hold the pressure the longest on the outer corners for added stick.

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