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Concealer Tips by Jerome Alexander
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Concealer Tips by Jerome Alexander

7th of October 2019

Let’s face it: there will forever be moments in your life when your skin just isn’t looking its best. The greatest part about the power of cosmetics is that you have the ability to remedy this situation – but only with the proper tools and techniques to do the job right! Whether it’s blemishes, dark circles, or redness and rosacea, we have expert concealing tips from Jerome Alexander for every beauty woe.



The key to concealing a bad breakout or particularly stubborn blemish is to first neutralize it; that way it can heal even underneath your makeup. Apply topical acne cream or tea tree oil to the affected area and allow 2-3 minutes for it to fully absorb. Then, to avoid over-drying your skin, choose a highly pigmented moisturizing concealer like CoverAge to evenly conceal, hydrate, and repair your complexion as it covers.

Using a concealer brush to avoid getting any dirt or oil on your skin, gently tap, don’t sweep, the product onto the blemish until it’s evenly covered. To set concealer in place and neutralize any remaining redness, use a gentle sweep of Magic Minerals foundation. Repeat this process as needed to reach your desired level of coverage.

Dark Circles

When bluish or purple discolorations give the appearance of shadows underneath your eyes, there is only one perfect solution: color correcting concealer! CoverAge’s expertly crafted shade is fantastic for concealing even the deepest dark circles, while also providing anti-aging benefits and hydration where your skin needs it most- the delicate spots below your eyes! Apply in a V shape with the top point aligning with the outer corners of each eye. That way, you avoid the reverse-raccoon look.


The beauty of concealer is that when applied properly, there are few things it can’t correct. Rosacea troubles plenty of women because they find it difficult to conceal without applying foundation, which can then feel heavy or overdone. For the best of both worlds, use a highly pigmented yet nourishing formula like CoverAge and apply with a blending sponge for maximum coverage (not to mention skin-enhancing benefits) using minimal product! Simply apply CoverAge concealer in light, sweeping strokes over any redness, and blend with a sponge for a light, airbrushed look that’s perfectly even.

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