How to Tweeze – the Right Way!

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During the 90’s there was a beauty epidemic that swept the globe, leaving women’s eyebrows decimated in its wake: over-tweezing! Brows were thin and highly arched, looking artificial and unbalanced against the rest of the face. Thankfully, we learned our … Read More

How to Look Like a Model

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We’ve all seen a woman so glamorous, so polished, and so tall that we know she must be a model. Incredible genetics aside, how do these ladies manage to look so effortlessly beautiful day in and day out? After working … Read More

Color Correcting Basics

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Color correction has made a big splash in the beauty world in the last year, yet ironically, is based on a design concept that has been around for quite some time: the color wheel! The key to neutralizing unwanted colors … Read More

The Twenty Vital Do’s and Don'ts of Makeup

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Makeup is a dynamic art form, one centered on expression and the personality of the individual. Each woman has the power to create her own unique image that best reflects her natural beauty, an empowering and confidence boosting exercise. However, … Read More

4 Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

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Despite the sudden rise in popularity during the last few years, mineral makeup is not a new concept. On the contrary, mineral makeup has quietly held a place on store shelves next to other types of foundations for decades. As … Read More

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