Quick Tips For Your Best Eyebrows

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The eyebrows are perhaps the single most important feature for expressing oneself.  For many people, the eyebrows communicate a great deal of emotion, allowing people to see whether you’re happy, sad, angry, stern, quizzical, or surprised.  So ensuring that your … Read More

How To Get Stunning Eyes

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  Eye makeup can enhance your whole look. You can play with certain colors to make your eyes stand out for special occasions or let your natural beauty shine through with natural tones. If you want to look your best, … Read More

How To Use Bronzer 3 Different Ways

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Are you ready to meet the makeup multi-tasker that’s worth its weight in the golden glow it adds to your skin? Bronzed beauties, rejoice! Magic Minerals has recently released a bronzer that’s about the blow your mind. Not only is … Read More

How to Make Your Makeup Last

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Here at Jerome Alexander, our top criteria for choosing our friends is the same as choosing our makeup: they both need to be reliable. If foundation decides to slide off midway through the day or lipstick leaves before lunch, it’s … Read More

Romantic Date Night Makeup

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Playful, feminine makeup is perfect for your next romantic date with your sweetheart. Still, one of the most common concerns with special occasion styles is, “how do I up the drama of my makeup without looking overdone?” The key is … Read More

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