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Beauty During Pregnancy
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Beauty During Pregnancy

7th of October 2019

Much has been written about the special glow of pregnancy. Ironic, given that while “pregnancy glow” is a real phenomenon, many women feel their most unattractive during those nine months. Jerome Alexander knows that it is possible to go from the first weeks of pregnancy until the delivery day looking and feeling beautiful. In fact, he firmly believes that women who know they still look great feel better and stronger, leading to an easier pregnancy. Pre-natal beauty should focus on four main concerns: oily skin, dry skin, discoloration, and a fuller face, all of which can be remedied with simple makeup and skincare strategies.


Oily Skin

Some women have excessively oily skin during pregnancy. Jerome Alexander suggests using a water-based foundation or mineral foundation (such as Magic Minerals) during if you are experiencing oily skin during this period. You can also use a talc and fragrance mineral powder such as Magic Minerals to set your makeup without risk of irritation. For extremely oily faces, try turning your toner up a notch by using one with a higher alcohol content.

Dry Skin

Alternatively, dry skin can also plague expecting mothers, as many of the nutrients and proteins that would normally repair skin are being re-routed to the growing belly. Moisturizing creams are the best prescription for dry skin. You might want to step up your game even further with a super-emollient and rich night cream, which you should apply before bedtime for maximum absorption.

Mask of Pregnancy

You might notice brown or yellow discolorations that appear on the face and neck. Degrees of discoloration may vary, but the condition usually goes away a short time after delivery. Brunette and dark skinned women seem to be the most susceptible to this “mask of pregnancy.” To correct this condition with makeup, use a concealing cream such as CoverAge– the same cream used to cover under eye shadows. With your fingers, pat a small amount over the areas to be covered. Blend well with a sponge. Apply your foundation over the concealer for maximum coverage.

Fuller Face

During pregnancy, your face will likely become fuller. It is next to impossible to gain the weight necessary to carry a healthy baby and not experience some weight gain in the face. Water retention can also account for the appearance of a fuller face. The additional weight in your face may make a usually square face appear round; an inverted triangle seems square; etc. So, disregard what you know to be your true face when contouring and highlighting. The same dark/light principle applies when you are pregnant. With your hands, make an oval around your face. As always, anything that falls outside of the oval should be contoured to look smaller, while the highest points on your face within the oval should be highlighted. 

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