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Beauty Blender 101: How To Achieve The Best Results
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Beauty Blender 101: How To Achieve The Best Results

7th of October 2019

We know you’ve seen it a hundred times. The funny looking, egg- shaped sponge your favorite beauty gurus keep raving out: the Beauty Blender 101almighty beauty blender.

While there’s no doubting the blending power of this crafty beauty tool, it’s important to understand how to use them to achieve the perfectly blended look you desire.

Take your complexion to the next level with these essential yet easy to follow beauty blender tips perfect for makeup lovers of any skill set.

Moisture Is Your Friend

First things first- never use a dry beauty blender!

Applying moisture to your beauty blender before it touches your skin will allow your makeup to be applied in layers that look more natural while blending easily into the skin.

Less Is More

Don’t go overboard when applying your favorite foundation with a beauty blender.

The best trick is to pour your favorite liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, while then proceeding to gently dip the beauty blender into the foundation in small increments before applying directly onto the face.

The Magic’s In the Wrist

 Don’t think of your beauty blender as a brush, because its not.

One of the biggest mistakes women make when applying foundation with a blender is to use strokes similar to how you would with a makeup brush.

For best results, use a light “dabbing” motion across the skin for a perfectly airbrushed look. You’ll thank us later!

Last But Not Least: Have Fun!

The most important rule when it comes to makeup is that there are no rules!

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Happy blending!

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