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Beauty All-Star: Liquid Silk Primer
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Beauty All-Star: Liquid Silk Primer

7th of October 2019

When applying makeup, think of your skin as a canvas: you want the surface as smooth, even, and unblemished as possible. For flawless application, it’s important to prep your face to give your makeup the foundation it needs to look lovely, and mostly importantly, to last! Our all-star product in this primer category can be described in two words: liquid silk. Still, many women are unfamiliar with the value a quality primer can provide in your makeup routine. We’ve broken down exactly the science behind primer, how to use it, and why it will totally up the playing field on your beauty capabilities.


Kitchen Beautician

The magic of primers lies in their silicon-based formula, which allows makeup to glide on evenly and seamlessly. They eliminate creases and provide a smooth surface for your powders, creams, and gels to adhere to. In the case of Liquid Silk, our primer also contains natural moisturizing ingredients (Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, to name a few) that hydrate skin to give the wearer an extra boost of radiance. In a nutshell, primer does an amazing job of setting the stage for expert glam even as an amateur.

Proper Primer Preparation 

While Liquid Silk Primer is oil-free, it’s important to note that primer is a preparation step, and therefore, shouldn’t be applied once shine starts to show. By definition, primer should be the step before makeup, and only on clean, dry, and preferably moisturized skin. Pro tip: for those on the oilier side of life, start by gently sweeping primer using your fingertips throughout your T-zone.

Get The Most Out of Your Makeup

Bottom line, if you want to get the most out of your makeup, primer is the way to go. This beauty secret does two crucial things that will take your makeup from good to great: enhance the pigment and beauty of your various shades and ensure that they last all day by prepping your skin with a primer. 

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