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This ultimate makeup workbook will help you become your own makeup artist.

A complete makeup workbook written by Jerome Alexander; includes 154 pages and 11 chapters of makeup tips and tricks!

Jerome Alexander shares the knowledge and his secrets gained from more than 50 years in the beauty industry to help you create the perfect look for any occasion. Become your own makeup artist by following this beauty educator’s step-by-step illustrations and instructions.

From finding the right type of foundation and shade to choosing the right brow shape and eye makeup to enhance your beauty, you’ll learn everything you need to know about makeup, tools, and application.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Man Behind the Makeup: 50 Years of Jerome Alexander

Chapter 1: Tools of the Trade: Understanding Brushes and Tools

Chapter 2: The Base Layer: Preparing the Canvas

Chapter 3: The Ideal Shape: Exploring Contouring and Highlighting

Chapter 4: The Prettiest Cheek: Finding the Right Amount of Color

Chapter 5: The Dazzle Effect: Producing Exquisite Eyes

Chapter 6: The Framing Feature: Sculpting Perfect Eyebrows

Chapter 7: The Luscious Lips: Defining Your Unique Shape

Chapter 8: The Finishing Touch: Setting Your Polished Look

Chapter 9: Special Considerations: Makeup For Every One-of-a-kind Woman

Chapter 10: Jerome Alexander Step-by-Step Makeup

Chapter 11: FAQ's: 15 Common Questions About Makeup

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