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Award Show Style: The Golden Globes
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Award Show Style: The Golden Globes

7th of October 2019

Next to runway beauty, award show makeup sets the tone for glamour in the year ahead by showcasing the hottest trends and techniques sweeping Hollywood. The Golden Globes are particularly important to the beauty world because it combines actors and musicians alike, drawing from stage and screen to bring the viewers the cutting edge of beauty. This year’s show did not disappoint, from Olivia Wilde’s merlot smoky eye to the regal gold shadow and burgundy pucker of Jennifer Lopez, we’ve compiled our top three favorite styles and tips so you can bring the red carpet to your bathroom.

Amy Schumer’s Graphic Liner, Metallic Smoky Eye, and Dusty Rose Lip


Funny girl Amy Schumer’s makeup was no laughing matter- her edgy, graphic liner, metallic smoky eye and a dusty rose matte lip were seriously stunning. To start, her skin was prepped with primer to maintain that dewy, glowing look all evening long. Then, her cheeks were given a subtle contour using a rose blush soft terra-cotta matte bronzer duo to accentuate the hollows of her cheeks. Finally, her lids were dusted with a champagne-metallic shadow, and her graphic liner was expertly drawn using a highly-pigmented gel formula and a very fine eyeliner brush. In her crease, a steel-grey metallic shadow emphasized her eyes, with highlights along her brow bone and in the inner corners using a crisp white shadow for contrast. 

Jennifer Lopez’s Golden Eyes, Contour, and Burgundy Pout


Leave it to J.Lo to always choose the perfect shades to compliment her coloring and wardrobe. This year, Jenny from the Block wore a bright yellow gown, meaning her shadow and lip had to match the vibrancy of her dress, as well as her glowing skin and hair. Lopez opted for gold eye shadows to emphasize the warmth and depth of her brown eyes and caramel-colored hair, then added a vampy, burgundy lip to balance her subtle neutral eyes. For brown eyes, gold shadow will always make your eye color stand out. When it comes to picking the perfect shade of lipstick, we recommend color-testing on your fingertips, because they most closely resemble your lip tone. 

Olivia Wilde’s Merlot Smoky Eye, Subtle Highlight, and Nude Lip


Usually, matching your eye shadow color to your outfit is a beauty faux pas, but in the case of Olivia Wilde’s merlot-colored makeup and gown, the result was spectacular! The trick to her look is first choosing a color that flatters your natural eye color, then matching your outfit to that. For Olivia, merlot was a fantastic choice because red is opposite green on the color wheel, making it the complementary color that makes her eyes POP! The trick to a singular-shade smoky eye is keeping its shape. When eyes are closed, you should see an almond shape of shadow on the lid, with tapered edges on the inner and outer corners.

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