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A Primer on Lipstick Products – Choosing the Right One For You
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A Primer on Lipstick Products – Choosing the Right One For You

7th of October 2019

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-01-54-amGone are the days of simply having to choose a color when purchasing lipstick. Now, there are countless variations and types of lipstick products to consider. Here is a breakdown of the most common products on the shelves today.


Traditional lipstick is certainly still a top seller for women, but there are many features and options from which to choose. Moisturizing lipstick is a good option for women who battle with chapped lips, live in a dry environment, or have lines that other lipsticks tend to “bleed” into. Long-wearing lipsticks boast benefits such as staying power – even through eating drinking and kissing – but have a tendency to dry out lips.  Some traditional lipsticks have a matte finish, while others glimmer and glitter. To put it simply, whatever your look calls for, you can find a lipstick suited for it.

Lip Stain

Just like it sounds, lip stain temporarily dyes your lips, whereas lipstick sits on top of your lips. Lip stain can be a great option for lightweight, long lasting lip color, but because they often have alcohol in them, lip stains can have a drying effect.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss comes in both clear and tinted forms, and can be worn over lipstick or instead of lipstick. When worn over lipstick, it creates added depth and dimension. Additionally, lip gloss can be applied to just the center of lips to create the illusion of fuller lips. 

Lip Liner

To make sure your lipstick stays within the boundaries of your lips and doesn’t bleed into the corners and creases of your mouth, your lips should be lined with lip liner. The purpose of lip liner is to give a more definite line to the lips.  Lip liner is just lipstick with a very heavy paraffin (wax) content. Wax makes the lipstick less likely to run. This is especially useful for more mature women, whose lipstick tends to bleed into the creases around the mouth.

Once you find the lipstick product fit for you, be sure to choose a color that’s ideal for your complexion.

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